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Wedding in Italy

Services for the newly married couple

Spiaggia d’Oro is pleased to welcome new brides and bridegrooms for the day of their marriage. The dream is to contribute to create unforgettable moments, with particular care for elegance and to live a day from tale.
  • Locations for marriage
  • Religious and civil ceremony
  • Wedding banquet, lunch, cocktail, dinner, party
  • Bouquet and flowers
  • Photographers
  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Hairdresser
  • Vintage cars and carriages rental
  • Boats and motorboats rent for small cruises on the lake Garda

Spiaggia d'Oro Hotel & Ristorante
Via Spiaggia d'Oro, 15 - 25087 Barbarano di Salò (BS)
Lago di Garda - Italy
tel. 0365 290034 fax 0365 290092 - info@hotelspiaggiadoro.com
P.iva 06884910156